New Features in Kourjet

Lots of new features have been included in Kourjet in the past few days. Here is a small list:

  • Point light shadow mapping using 3 different algorithms
  • Directional light shadow mapping (implemented today, just the basic low-quality algorithm)
  • Primitives to test for interection: frustum, sphere, axis-aligned box, plane and oriented box. All interection tests between all of the primitives are not yet implemented but the framework is ready.

Point Light Shadow Mapping – Part 3

Following the two previous articles following how Shadow Mapping would be implemented in Kourjet (See part 1 and part 2), I would like to finish on a third technique that has been suggested on gamedev (you can follow the discussion on this forum thread). So here I am with the third algorithm which involves this time instanciation. To sum up the previous article, I had already implemented two algorithms for cube shadow map generation:

  • The first one simply renders the cube map face per face
  • The second one renders the whole object directly to the 6 faces using a geometry shader that output 6 times the triangles (once to each face of the cube)

I have today implemented the third algorithm that makes use of geometry instancing. Read more